About Our Working Capital Solutions

Express Trade Capital has redefined the role of trade financier by combining top-notch financial solutions with extensive logistical and supply chain management expertise and services. We have effectively created a global supply chain finance package that meets our clients’ unique and varied business needs.

We go above and beyond the services offered by banks—which have strict requirements that most small and medium-size businesses can’t reasonably meet—by operating under a more flexible business model that allows us to provide financing for transactions that would fall outside of a bank’s box. We are committed to helping you increase working capital while reducing your risk so you can concentrate on building your business. No matter what your business needs, our innovative financial strategies are custom tailored to help you grow

Since 1993, Express has helped clients build and operate sustainable and successful businesses. We do that by providing a unique one-stop-shop designed to handle your financial and logistical needs from the time you receive a purchase order until you receive payment for delivered orders. Even more than providing financing and logistics solutions, we serve as your consultant—providing advice including:

  • How to structure transactions for maximum profitability
  • How to most efficiently move your goods from pickup to delivery to your customer
  • How to manage cash flow and mitigate risk throughout the various stages of production and delivery

This advisory capacity truly sets us apart from other financiers, especially banks. It’s in our best interests to give you the best advice because our own profitability is determined by your success. The better you do, the better we do.


Due to banking regulations, banks must enforce strict lending criteria without the ability to think or act outside of the box. Within the narrow parameters of traditional banking, it doesn’t matter if you have purchase orders; without enough inventory or accounts receivable as collateral, you will not receive loan advances to buy goods and grow your business.


We review the entire package: from analyzing individual transactions to looking under the hood of a business and seeing beyond traditional formulas. We operate with more flexibility, speed, and less red tape than banks, doing everything they can plus lending on transactions banks won’t and providing services they don’t—like back office support, credit protection, consulting, and collections.

By accelerating your cash flow, handling your collections, insuring your receivables, modernizing your accounts receivable management, and addressing your logistics issues, we are basically doing one thing: helping your business achieve efficient, sustained growth. You focus on the sales and production; let us worry about the money.