Cash Flow Management & Logistics User Benefits

The benefits of working with Express Trade Capital vary, depending on the industry and choice of services. How can we help you?



International trade finance and general trade issues are our specialties; for over 20 years, our staff has been enmeshed in the heart of international trade issues encompassing finance, logistics, and other supply chain matters. We provide financing to purchase your goods, move them across the world, deliver them to your customers and accelerate your cash flow. We provide guidance on a variety of matters from how to ship goods, clear customs and pay suppliers to how to develop strategies to mitigate transactional risks. Our commitment to overseeing each and every transaction has provided our clients with countless savings and insured that even the most complex deals are successfully completed.



After more than 20 years of sustained growth, cultivating relationships, and financial responsibility, we have developed a consortium of banks and credit lines that we leverage on behalf our clients. We provide additional funding to bank clients through letters of credit and purchase order financing, and we also handle logistics. We collaborate with banks (through inter-creditor agreements) to provide financing in situations where their clients wouldn’t be eligible for bank loans. With us, there’s no need to have years of perfect financials because we have done it for you. Our clients have the benefit of using our substantial banking network to help them meet their own financial needs for growth. Meanwhile, banks can send us clients and prospects whom they otherwise can’t help.


Domestic manufacturers

Our years of expertise handling international trade transactions coupled with our financial resources make us an ideal destination for domestic manufacturers looking to grow. Though we don’t share ownership, we are partners in spirit, helping and cultivating our clients’ success through sound advice and attention to details. Unlike banks, we get in the middle of a transaction with our clients, roll up our sleeves, and do what needs to be done to finish the job. You get the benefits of having a trusted partner without the risks and costs of sharing equity.