CBP has initiated a series of calls informing industry groups and leadership on the impact to trade caused by the spreading COVID-19 disease. During the call, CBP confirmed that recently enacted traveler restrictions for select individuals traveling into the United States do not extend to cargo.  At this time, CBP is guided by the medical community’s finding that cargo is not a host for the virus.  As a result, there are no procedural impacts to the clearance of cargo and delays should not occur. 

Additionally, at this time, CBP’s port operations personnel have been minimally impacted; there are a few cases where officers are self-quarantined as a result of coming in contact with a person carrying or exposed to the virus.  As the fallout continues, if more staff is exposed or ill or impacted personally by school closures and the like, there could be an impact to cargo processing.  However, CBP in the ports and in mission support roles is proactively reviewing work and prioritizing in the event staff is reduced. 

Again, at this point these are planning measures similar to what CBP conducts anytime they face staffing challenges.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your EXPRESS account representative.