Premier Manufacturer of Satellites – Motorola and Space System Loral


A joint venture between two major American satellite manufacturers and the Russian Space Agency that sought to launch commercial satellites into outer space.


Due to the high value of the satellites, importation duties imposed by the Russian government would have killed the deal. If the deal were to go forward, Express Trade Capital had to find a way to mitigate import duties/taxes and also cost-effectively transport the satellites to their launch sites.


Express Trade Capital assembled a highly skilled team of legal experts, scientists, and transportation experts that ultimately ensured that these highly sensitive satellites were cost-effectively shipped to their launch sites in Russia. First we successfully argued that sending satellites into space constituted an export, thus allowing us to import the satellites into the country duty free under its temporary importation law. Then we chartered Federal Express cargo planes to transport the satellites into Moscow where they were already pre-cleared by customs. Finally, we arranged to have the satellites transported from Moscow to the launch sites where they were successfully launched into space.