For over 20 years, the client dug a niche producing bakery-style specialty dog treats exclusively out of their facilities in Arkansas.  The treats are human grade, decorated with dog friendly frosting, and intended as special treats for pets to enjoy on birthdays and holidays.  Their customer base ranged from smaller and mid-sized pet shops to big box pet retailers. 

Early in 2022, the client realized they needed help to manage cash flow gaps necessitated by increased demand from larger retail customers. After sniffing around the market, they found Express Trade Capital to help them unleash the beast of big growth. A current Express client was happy to make the referral.

With prior annual sales of $8MM growing to $12MM, the client was unwilling to sit or stay in place.  To facilitate growth, ETC laid out two bowls of funding: a factoring line capped at $4.5MM and a PO funding line of $500,000.  The two lines will expand, contract, and otherwise adapt based on the client’s sales revenue and history.  The client is now free to fetch as many POs as they can chew.  The deal was led and brought to heel by Ashley Orlando who chased the tail of required documents and smoothed the path for onboarding.  According to Ashley, the client was a pleasure to work with throughout the onboarding process and we are excited to build a long-standing financing relationship with such a great team while deepening our experience in this industry.

This deal emblematic of Express’ commitment to ensure every business owner we serve has their day in the sun.  The client also earned a treat for demonstrating that old companies can still learn new tricks. Though Express wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie when it came to funding rabid growth, everyone got to sleep like a dog after closing this one.

Since 1993, ETC has helped companies grow, fulfill purchase orders, mitigate risk, and navigate supply chain issues, all while maintaining and enhancing their equity. Our consultative approach leverages our combined 100+ years of experience to ensure clients get maximum support to handle any obstacle. ETC specializes in financing companies through factoring, purchase order funding, letters of credit and inventory-based lines of credit. In addition, ETC offers back-end support from logistics to warehousing to credit protection. 

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