Kohl’s Brings in Aldi

Sadie Keljikian, Express Trade Capital

Kohl’s announced today that it will bring discount grocer Aldi into as many as 10 of its stores in a pilot test. The department store chain hopes to cut down on its brick and mortar presence and offer more variety in the space it occupies. Kohl’s announced the decision to share its store space with other retailers in January, but did not specify which ones. CEO Kevin Mansell emphasized “inventory reductions and margin acceleration as a result” when asked about the decision.

Kohl’s is also looking to build a strong relationship with Amazon. Several stores already contain kiosks that sell Amazon devices and Kohl’s plans to get further involved with the ecommerce giant. The bold moves come at an opportune moment, following very successful holiday sales for Kohl’s, and will likely set the tone for the chain’s 2018 activity.

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