Purchase Order Financing Services

Express Trade Capital’s purchase order financing program provides your suppliers with assurance that they will get paid when they ship your goods, eliminating the need for upfront deposits and leaving your working capital unencumbered throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Express Trade Capital can help

Purchase order financing can provide up to 100% of the cost of pre-sold goods, plus the associated costs of transportation, customs and duties, thereby improving your cash flow and reducing the need for additional equity investments that dilute ownership. In sum, you will never have to pass up another opportunity because of insufficient capital.  


Purchase order financing allows your business to fulfill purchase orders you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to accept due to cash flow constraints and lack of traditional collateral. Simply put, if you have orders from creditworthy customers, we can look to finance all expenses involved in purchasing your goods and delivering them to your customer. Importers routinely deal with foreign suppliers that demand advance payment, as well as customers that don’t pay for the goods until at least 30 days after receiving them.

As opposed to traditional bank financing options, this type of financing is easy to qualify for and can be obtained quickly. You will most likely qualify if you have orders from creditworthy customers. If a business isn’t creditworthy, we’ll let you know—consider it a free credit check. If you have a mixed bag of orders, some creditworthy and others not, we can look at the entire portfolio of customers and provide suitable lending options. Since we are not constrained by red tape, we can make our own lending decisions without having to stay within rigid financing guidelines.


While your financials are certainly a factor in our credit decisions, we take broader, non-traditional factors into consideration, including:

  • Management expertise
  • Quality of purchase orders
  • Reliable sourcing
  • Nature of goods financed
  • Repayment plan
  • Industry history and reputation