Why Express Trade’s Financial Services?

Why should you engage Express Trade Capital to handle your financing needs? There are many reasons; let’s start with these four:

Increased Cash Flow and Funding Flexibility

Where banks and other lenders don’t venture, we do. We demonstrate our belief in clients by lending against purchase orders and providing other out-of-the-box solutions that support ongoing growth.

Supportive care and individual attention

You’ll never get lost as one of our clients, since navigating and “hand holding” businesses through the process and growing pains of accelerated growth is one of our specialties.

Consulting capability

We’re experts in trade finance and global supply chain management, so we do more than just provide funds; we serve as knowledgeable advisors and business mentors.

Ability to partner

We’re invested in your future, and if our relationship flourishes and merits funding beyond our standard financing models, we can look into becoming equity partners or entering into other types of mutually beneficial arrangements.


Getting a Bit More Specific

Here are six more unique advantages to consider:


Our strategy with collections is to be proactive and defuse problems before they develop. To this end, we stay on top of monitoring invoices from the moment they are issued. If it appears that there may be an issue with any payments, then we will leverage our relationships with your customers to make sure the accounts get paid in a timely manner.

Credit protection

We insure your receivables, so if customers become insolvent or go bankrupt, we guarantee payment of the funds you’re owed. This saves you the money of having to buy credit insurance policies or other credit protection products.

Buying power

You focus on sales and production, while we focus on the money.  By treating your purchase orders like assets, we can purchase your goods for you so you never have to turn down an order due to insufficient working capital.


When you take advantage of our logistics expertise and abilities, we handle everything from freight and warehousing to trucking and customs clearance—and that means you’re in control of the entire delivery process. Since we’re financing your goods, we have extra incentive to ensure seamless and timely deliveries.


We work closely with other lenders, so we can offer you additional resources previously not available to you with your current financier. We are not above bringing in other parties and even competitors to facilitate deals if it is in your company’s best interests.

Foreign representation

If your company is headquartered overseas, we can serve as your face within the U.S., helping you manage your business and overseeing collections from U.S. companies.

How We Work to Help You

With Express Trade Capital, you can capitalize on all the benefits of having trade finance and supply chain management support under one roof. Whatever your industry, Express will provide a complete, integrated solution for your unique financial and logistical needs.